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Should You Have an Extra Set of Car Keys?

why_to_keep_an_extra_set_of_keys_andrew_g_gordon_norwell_ma.jpgHas anything like this ever happened to you???

We were just settling into a day on the boat when I held a pair of sneakers over the side to empty out all the sand that was in them and out fell my car keys…..down into the bottom of the lake.  It all happened so fast that I did not have a second to dive in after them. 

However, did I let this ruin my day?  Not a chance.  The reason being that I knew that in my locked vehicle back on the shore was a set of keys inside it; all safe and sound. I knew that when we got back in at the end of the day, I could call AAA .  They came out within 50 minutes and got into my car within 3 minutes. 

The moral of this story is to have an extra set of keys made and keep them somewhere that you can get to them, especially if you are driving out of state.  Having a spare set in the drawer at home will not do you much good if you are miles from home.    My day may have ended a little earlier if I had the set of keys in a special magnetic key holder under the chassis of my car (but I have had those fall off in the past).  What I am going to do is make a set of keys and wire tie them under my car this time as well as a set inside!!

My ending thought is that it is better to be safe than sorry; better to have an extra than nothing at all!!!

Find out why AAA is helpful here.

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