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Home Maintenance for the Spring/Summer

Keeping Cool Inside

Make sure you have your HV/AC serviced and change the filters on each unit in the home if you have more than one unit.

Try and keep up with the dust on the ceiling fans for optimal use they need to be dust free to operate. Also it will help if you run both A/C and ceiling fans at the same time for better circulation.

Keep shades down in rooms with direct sun till the sun passes that room.

If you aren’t using a room in the house close the vents in that room and close the doors to that room. If you use all rooms in the house make sure all doors are open to keep the airflow moving. Some rooms have a return vent and some don’t. These are the vents that take the warm air out and reticulate the air.


Garage Upkeep

Please make sure that any hazardous materials like paint and solvents are disposed of properly. Don’t store heat sensitive materials in the garage.

Please remind children to not play in the garage. There can be forgotten pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers that can be fatal to a small child. Also try and keep the sharp shiny tools out of reach or locked in a cabinet if possible.

Driveway And Walkways.

Helpful hint on getting rid of weeds in those tight spaces you can’t exactly reach to pull the weed. Boil water and pour on the weed to kill for the entire summer.

Look for cracks and holes forming. Try and fix before they get bigger and will cost more to fix. This can prevent accidental falls.

Clean Your Dryer Vent

Cleaning the dryer vent in the dryer is the easy part. You also need to clean the dryer vent hose. You can buy cleaning brush kit at your local hardware store. This can help prevent a fire in the hose during summer heat. There are 16,000 dryer fires annually.

Clean Your Gutters


If you have a ladder that can reach, make sure you don’t lean the ladder on the gutter. They aren’t meant to handle the weight of you and the ladder. If you don’t have a ladder, don’t climb on the roof without using common sense and safety. Please make sure you call a professional if you have any apprehension at all.


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