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8-Mar-2012 Sue Bird house

Dogs: How Much Do They Really Cost?

Understand the real cost of your dog or other pet on homeowners from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MAOne of the many factors that can affect your Homeowners Insurance premium is if you have a dog and if that particular breed, whether pure bred or a mix, is on a company’s list of dogs that they will not insure or require a case by case review. Commerce Insurance Company will insure those difficult to insure breeds/mixes if they have completed and passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program.

The Canine Good Citizen program tests that the dog and owners are responsible. And yes, the owner is responsible for making sure the dog behaves itself; training is important. The program contains 10 training tests such as basic sit and stay commands, appearance, and friendliness around strangers and other dogs.

Other companies may have language in the policy that automatically excludes liability coverage for animals that have a history of biting. If you cannot find a standard company that will insure you because of your dog, there is always the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association (MA Fairplan). They may however, exclude coverage for the dog if there has been a previous bite history/claim. Growling, biting, and general attacking will automatically fail a dog.

There is also insuring the actual pet to consider. Dogs will need to visit a vet for regular check ups and inevitable health concerns. Most pure bred dogs experience more inbred diseases than "mutts," and the costs for treatment can be high. Protect your pooch and pocket book from damage. Policies differ for each pet but can start around $8-$10 a month and go up to about $50 or more. Age, breed, and location of the pet can affect pricing.

For any questions or concerns about your furry friend: contact us and visit us online at We're here to help you with your insurance needs.


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