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    New to Massachusetts Blog

    The Launch at Hingham Shipyard

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Wed, Jun 06, 2012 @ 09:19 AM

    shipyard resized 600Otherwise known as “the Launch at Hingham Shipyard,” this little treasure is worth checking out and getting to know. Despite the far distance from my house, I make the journey at least once a week.


    During World War II, 227 warships were made at the Shipyard for use in battle. Recently, Samuels & Associates began developing at the shipyard and have transformed it into an outdoor mall rivaling the Derby Street shops.

    What it has to offer

    If I went through all of the stores and options open at the Shipyard, this would be either a boring list or a shadow of their website, so I’ll go through what brings me to the shipyard.

    Red Mango

    red mango cardThe first store that ever sparked my interest was Red Mango. I had never had frozen yogurt before, but when friends brought me to this new dessert experience after a trip to Nantasket beach, I was instantly hooked. Not only does it have excellent  flavors, the store is self-serve (priced by weight). Red Mango is the #1 reason I drive the 12 miles and 30 minutes to Hingham.


    What better precursor to Red Mango than a restaurant owned by the Wahlberg family? As soon as Wahlburgers opened up I could tell it was a hit; mainly by the hypnotic smell and the line of people out the door. Moderately priced, the burgers are fine quality, the shakes taste great, and the fries are the reason I keep going back.


    Need I say more? Before Wahlburgers sparked my interest, Panera was my restaurant of choice. Good options, fast service. Superb choice if you have picky eaters or vegetarians in your party. Not much to say about this South Shore classic.

    Patriot Cinemas

    Although I’ve never actually seen a movie here, I’ve heard it’s a great option for dinner and a movie nights. On the topic of movies, what is remarkable to me is that the Shipyard hosts free outdoor movies every Thursday night in July and August. Here is the program of events.


    The Moorings

    If you don’t live in Hingham/Weymouth and don’t want to commute all the way to this shopping mecca, why not move there? There are homes for sale right in the middle of the plaza. And what is convenient is the commuter ferry to Boston right at the Shipyard. Now this location is like a double edge sword when it comes to insurance. Not only is it condominiums, it coastal too. Check with your independant insurance agency to make sure your home is fully protected at the best price.


    There are many stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS, and Eastern Mountain Sports that people might be interested in. I have never gone shopping there so I can't really offer a complete review.


    The Shipyard is a great place to go to get some shopping done, go out for a bite to eat, and spend time with friends. The parking situation is exponentially better than at Derby Street Shops. There’s always spots open and if not, there is a nearby parking lot waiting for your car to rest. Traffic is a minimum.

    Every time I make the trip, it is worth it.

     shipyard map resized 600

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    Steven McClelland

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    Welcome to Whitman

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Wed, Oct 12, 2011 @ 06:30 PM

    If you’re from a small town and have recently moved to Whitman, then you’re sure to feel at home here.  With a population of 14,000 residents in a 7 mile square radius, you’ll make new acquaintances in no time!

    The Toll House Inn, established in 1709, invented Toll House cookies in the late 1930’s. Although the Toll House burned completely down in 1984, their sign and landmark still remains on Bedford St.  (Rte 18).

    Park your car only once downtown and avail yourself of many merchants and services within close walking distance.  Banking, coffee shops, restaurants, drug store, hair salons, dry cleaners, post office,  town hall, churches  and other merchants and services are just too numerous to mention. Walk over to our newly renovated Lower Town Park; it is listed as one of the 1,000 greatest places in Massachusetts by the state legislature. The Old Colony Commuter Rail, a short walking distance from downtown, provides rail service from Plymouth to Boston.

    For the youth of Whitman, there are organized sports teams, active scout packs and a recreation commission that provides many activities. The Recreation department also oversees our swimming programs at our town pool, located at the Lower Town Park.

    The Whitman Senior Center, also located downtown, provides many activities, trips and daily meals.

    Some of the downtown restaurant favs are McGuiggan’s Irish Pub, Tea Time Cookies, Venus Café (great pizza!), Ted’s Place (seafood).  On Rte 18 is also the infamous Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream (dairy barn open year round).

    Last December, Whitman just celebrated their 17th year Winterfest. Always held on a Saturday in December, the downtown streets are closed for their festival. Parades, fireworks, caroling, contests, etc. fill the day and though through the night.

    Whitman hosts an annual Fourth of July Field Day at the park, with a road race, carriage or bike decorating, pie eating contests and other events.

    The Town of Whitman was incorporated in 1875. As a primary South Shore residential community, it has retained much of its rural character.   

    If you are  moving to Whitman or any town in Massachusetts, see our  website to view our whiteboard videos at The videos provide valuable tips if you are new to Massachusetts or buying a new home.

    And if you’re thinking of moving to town soon, visit our new home buyer page for tips on purchasing new home owner’s insurance.   Also check out our Auto page for auto insurance deals and information, as well as our Whiteboard series for great general tips.

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    Bill Cordaro

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    Use of Temporary Plates in Massachusetts

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Wed, Oct 12, 2011 @ 06:07 PM

    mass license plate, image via wikipediaBuying a vehicle out of state and wondering if you can use temporary plates in Massachusetts? If you are a Massachusetts resident the answer is a definitive no. The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents reports that the Registry of Motor Vehicles issued a formal statement regarding whether paper or temporary plates are permitted on vehicles purchased by Massachusetts residents from out-of-state dealers.

    The letter reads:

    “Massachusetts does not issue temporary registration plates for its own residents but it does recognize temporary registration plates validly registered in other states to non-residents of Massachusetts who are temporarily operating in this state (assuming the plates are not expired or suspended.) Thus, a Connecticut resident operating a motor vehicle in Massachusetts on validly issued temporary Connecticut registration plates is OK, but a Massachusetts resident operating a newly purchased motor vehicle in Massachusetts with validly issued temporary Connecticut plates is not. A Massachusetts resident who purchases a motor vehicle in another state must apply for and attach valid Massachusetts registration plates to the vehicle before he/she can drive the vehicle back to Massachusetts.”
    For more relevant information and risk management solutions, visit the A. G. Gordon website.

    Recently Moved to Massachusetts? 

    Visit our new home buyer page for tips on purchasing new home owner’s insurance.   Also check out our auto page for auto insurance deals and information, as well as our Whiteboard series for great general tips.

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    Registering a Vehicle in MA

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Wed, Oct 12, 2011 @ 05:47 PM

    registering a car in MA, image from wikipediaWelcome to Massachusetts! The Department of Transportation or more commonly known as the Registry of Motor Vehicles  facilitates all motor vehicle registrationsand driver licensing. You have 30 days from the time you become a resident to register and title your vehicles and convert your driver’s license.

    Apply For Auto Insurance

    Our insurance agency will compare prices/coverage and recommend the best auto policy to fit your needs and budget. Once your auto insurance application is complete, we can facilitate the registration of your vehicle. We will need the title and other vehicle information including current odometer reading, vehicle information and where the vehicle was purchased. We will then prepare the necessary Registry of Motor Vehicle documents needed to obtain plates and a Masachusetts vehicle title. The Registry application will be certified with our insurance stamp. We offer complimentary Registry services to our valued customers so we can save you valuable time and the hassle of a Registry visit.

    Once your the vehicle is registered and your new Massachusetts auto insurance is in place, you may cancel your former state’s auto policy and plates. Requirements vary between states but usually involves signing a policy cancellation request form and sending your plates back to your agent or Department of Motor Vehicles. 

    A few things to keep in mind: 

    • Massachusetts requires that the name on your registration be verbatim as that on your title. For example, you cannot have two names on the title and one name on the registration and vice versa.

    • All vehicles must be titled, regardless of age.

    • You will be issued a Massachusetts title even if you hold a current title from your prior state. Titles are usually issued within six weeks of your application and will be mailed to you. If there is a current lien on your vehicle, the Registry will hold your title ‘electronically’ until your auto loan is paid off.

    • A Department of Revenue form for sales tax (Form MVU-29) must also be completed and filed with your registry application for plates and title. Current Mass. Sales tax is 6.25%. If you bought your car in your state less than six months before moving to Mass. AND you paid less than 6.25% sales tax, you are required to pay the difference to Mass.

    For more insurance information and relevant resources, visit

    For deals and tips on purchasing auto insurance, visit our auto page. If you’re moving to Massachusetts or just moving down the street, also stop by the home insurance page. And if you’re just looking for helpful tips on navigating the complicated insurance world, check out our Whiteboard Videos series.

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    Kasey McCarthy

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