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    New to Massachusetts Blog

    MA Locations: Hanover

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Wed, Oct 12, 2011 @ 06:39 PM

    The Town of Hanover is a rural suburban town of approximately 14,000 residents. It has a good school system with all school buildings either new or recently renovated for today’s technology. Take a ride on Cedar Street and see the brand new High School that is in the finishing stages!

    John Curtis Free Library, image via wikipediaHanover was originally settled as part of Scituate but became its own entity when a new Church parish was needed in 1727. The Town Government is a strong Town Manager/Open Town Meeting. Although it is not on the coast, the town is known for water. The southern border is a tidal freshwater river system known as North River and Indian Head. You can navigate to the Atlantic Ocean from there and  fresh water mussel grows abundantly in one of only two areas in the state.

    The Town has a very active youth sports system and a new five million dollar sports facility which will open next spring in South Hanover. The town has a very active equine community with trails for walking and riding abundant. Hanover’s Seniors are served by many affordable housing options and a new Senior Center in Mid Town.

    The John Curtis Free Library was added to and renovated in recent years to be the South Shore’s premier Library.

    Although the housing market crisis has not completely passed over Hanover; the town has done well with overall foreclosure and valuations. All of these factors and it’s access to Boston and Cape Cod, shopping and hospitals, forests and beaches make Hanover a wonderful place to live.

    If you recently moved to Massachusetts, visit our new home buyer page for tips on purchasing new home owner’s insurance. Also check out our auto page for auto insurance deals and information, as well as our Whiteboard series for great general tips.

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    Sue Shiels

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    Registering a Vehicle in MA

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Wed, Oct 12, 2011 @ 05:47 PM

    registering a car in MA, image from wikipediaWelcome to Massachusetts! The Department of Transportation or more commonly known as the Registry of Motor Vehicles  facilitates all motor vehicle registrationsand driver licensing. You have 30 days from the time you become a resident to register and title your vehicles and convert your driver’s license.

    Apply For Auto Insurance

    Our insurance agency will compare prices/coverage and recommend the best auto policy to fit your needs and budget. Once your auto insurance application is complete, we can facilitate the registration of your vehicle. We will need the title and other vehicle information including current odometer reading, vehicle information and where the vehicle was purchased. We will then prepare the necessary Registry of Motor Vehicle documents needed to obtain plates and a Masachusetts vehicle title. The Registry application will be certified with our insurance stamp. We offer complimentary Registry services to our valued customers so we can save you valuable time and the hassle of a Registry visit.

    Once your the vehicle is registered and your new Massachusetts auto insurance is in place, you may cancel your former state’s auto policy and plates. Requirements vary between states but usually involves signing a policy cancellation request form and sending your plates back to your agent or Department of Motor Vehicles. 

    A few things to keep in mind: 

    • Massachusetts requires that the name on your registration be verbatim as that on your title. For example, you cannot have two names on the title and one name on the registration and vice versa.

    • All vehicles must be titled, regardless of age.

    • You will be issued a Massachusetts title even if you hold a current title from your prior state. Titles are usually issued within six weeks of your application and will be mailed to you. If there is a current lien on your vehicle, the Registry will hold your title ‘electronically’ until your auto loan is paid off.

    • A Department of Revenue form for sales tax (Form MVU-29) must also be completed and filed with your registry application for plates and title. Current Mass. Sales tax is 6.25%. If you bought your car in your state less than six months before moving to Mass. AND you paid less than 6.25% sales tax, you are required to pay the difference to Mass.

    For more insurance information and relevant resources, visit

    For deals and tips on purchasing auto insurance, visit our auto page. If you’re moving to Massachusetts or just moving down the street, also stop by the home insurance page. And if you’re just looking for helpful tips on navigating the complicated insurance world, check out our Whiteboard Videos series.

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    Kasey McCarthy

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