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    Pembroke Celebrating 300 years

    Posted by Donna Bellavance

    Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 01:31 PM

    PembrokeAs a resident of Pembroke for 37 years, I am proud to share with others the good news that my town is celebrating its 300th anniversary this year.  Like so many towns in the South Shore, Pembroke has grown from a small community to a well-populated and bustling area with much to offer its residents.

    The various committees working on the anniversary celebration have planned numerous events that should provide  fun for all attendees.

    Some of the events planned are as follows:

    June 15  

    Pembroke’s largest water balloon fight

    June 19
      Public Safety Night
    July 22   Treasure Hunt followed by a cook out at the Herring Run
    July 29   North River Cruise & Trolley Tour
    August 10& 12   Pembroke Arts Festival
    August 18 & 19   Aviation Week end
    September 23   Road Race and Parade
    October 20 & 21   Civil War Enactment followed by fireworks
    November 3   Pembroke High School Concert
    December 15   Closing Events
    pembrokePlease visit Pembroke's website for all up-to-date info. There is a limited edition Pembroke 300th calendar available at the Pembroke Center library and the DPW office.

    There are raffle tickets selling for $5 each for the Pembroke 300th Anniversary Quilt which is on display at the Pembroke Center Library.

    Suggestions are being requested for items to put in the Pembroke Time Capsule.

    I am sure that these events will be well attended by many proud Pembroke residents willing to share stories relating to the rich history of the town.

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    Donna Bellavance

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