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Use of Temporary Plates in Massachusetts

mass license plate, image via wikipediaBuying a vehicle out of state and wondering if you can use temporary plates in Massachusetts? If you are a Massachusetts resident the answer is a definitive no. The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents reports that the Registry of Motor Vehicles issued a formal statement regarding whether paper or temporary plates are permitted on vehicles purchased by Massachusetts residents from out-of-state dealers.

The letter reads:

“Massachusetts does not issue temporary registration plates for its own residents but it does recognize temporary registration plates validly registered in other states to non-residents of Massachusetts who are temporarily operating in this state (assuming the plates are not expired or suspended.) Thus, a Connecticut resident operating a motor vehicle in Massachusetts on validly issued temporary Connecticut registration plates is OK, but a Massachusetts resident operating a newly purchased motor vehicle in Massachusetts with validly issued temporary Connecticut plates is not. A Massachusetts resident who purchases a motor vehicle in another state must apply for and attach valid Massachusetts registration plates to the vehicle before he/she can drive the vehicle back to Massachusetts.”
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