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Operating a Business at Home Can Void Homeowners Insurance Coverage

A homeowner policy is a bundle of coverages designed for the average homeowner.   Since most homeowners don’t operate a business out of their home, a homeowner policy offers very limited, if any, coverage for business property or activities. Sometimes running a business out of your home voids coverage completely.

For example, most homeowner policies provide converge for Other Structures (buildings not attached to the dwelling) such as a detached garage, shed, barn or any free-standing building. However, if you operate a business out of a detached building, the homeowner policy doesn’t provide coverage for that building.  Your homeowner policy may be able to cover the building for an additional premium charge, but you may need a commercial policy.

In addition to property coverage, a home business may change or void your liability coverage.  Say you offer tutoring out of your home and a student trips and breaks his arm while there.  You could be facing a lawsuit, or at a minimum, the medical expenses associated with his injury could be your responsibility to pay out of pocket.    

The main point to keep in mind is a homeowner policy is designed to cover activities typical to a private residence. If you operate a business out of, or at your home, you should call your insurance agent to make sure you have coverage for this added exposure.

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