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28-Jun-2018 insurance
Selling your product to a consumer is your forte. Selling the risk of your operations to underwriters is ours. Having done this fo...
7-Jun-2018 construction
In one of our previous blogs, What is an Additional Insured?, we discussed additional insureds in contracting.   When subcontracto...
11-May-2018 commercial
Your Workers Compensation insurance renews and you receive the letter informing you it's time for the prior term's audit.  
5-Apr-2018 commercial
 According to, there is a great deal of interest developing in the newly emerging Massachusetts Recreational Marijua...
16-Aug-2017 insurance
A "claims made" policy treats the timing of a claim differently than the more commonly seen "occurrence" policy.
28-Jul-2017 commercial
Changing the legal entity type of your business can affect your insurance, but changes affect different lines differently.  For mo...
22-Jan-2017 commercial
As social media engineer, I spend most of my time on the internet where I run into lots of great tools. Lately, I’ve become a bit ...
20-Jan-2017 commercial
Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch your entire fleet of vehicles from 20,000 feet in the air? You could verify that workers a...
13-Jan-2017 IT
Network Administrators and Managed Services Providers help businesses function at the speed of light.  But other businesses are ou...
8-Aug-2016 commercial
A Package Policy is a type of insurance policy that usually includes more than one kind of insurance coverage. The most common Pac...
29-Jul-2016 commercial
A BOP is an acronym for Business Owners Policy and is a good, simple solution for many small businesses’ core property and liabili...

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