Service Providers Used by Gordon Customers


The following is a list of service providers previously used by other Gordon customers after a disaster. If there is clear damage to your home, take steps to reduce further damage; for example, get trees removed, and get temporary repairs completed as soon as possible to limit the extent of additional consequential damage (such as water damage).


North River Tree Service   781-664-4412
SPM Tree and Shrub   781-264-5595
Chris Glynn Tree   781-826-2304
Hansen Tree   781-826-6836
Bartlett Tree   781-829-9149
Top Notch Tree   781-826-7222
Newcomb Tree Service   781-294-1520



Roofing by Devlin   781-545-2121 or 781-424-3820    
John Bean Roofing   781-878-3100
Peter Hickman Roofing   781-659-1806
RL Lackey   781-545-9332
Shamrock Roofing   781-826-8996
Sunrise Roofing   781-447-1700    
Alan Hurley Roofing   781-826-1600
Gary May Cycle Roofing   781-254-5504    



Able Restoration      888-900-2114

Fitzgerald Housesmith

  781-659-7790 or 781-248-7701

Buttonwood Renovations

  781-659-4057 or 781-771-8180

Mr. Handyman   508-668-0098


RESTORATION SERVICES If you have damage inside your house (for example, water damage from leaks in roof or pipe burst).

A.R.S. Restoration Specialists 877-461-1111
Able Restoration 888-900-2114
Bostoniam Cleaning and Restoration 800-453-7847
Servicemaster by Gilmore 800-783-0552
Servicemaster of South Shore 781-545-2700
Kennedy Restoration Services 800-896-2000
All Disaster Services 800-974-2622  
Fire Restoration Services of Norwood 781-769-5080  
Rytech 800-865-8787
A1 Cleaning 781-826-6406  
Servicemaster 800-737-7663  

...and for another resource try Contractor Connection for a list of contractors vetted by the insurance industry, by specialty, right down to the zip code.