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Condo Association Insurance

Condominium insurance  integrates the interests of a condominium association with the interests of the individual unit owners.  After landscaping costs, insurance is often the second highest annual expense for an association. The structure of these policies is usually  dictated by the Master Deed.

There are broadly two different insurance approaches clarified in the Master Deed, such as the "All In" and "Bare Walls" deeds. Their former covers just about everything except tenant personal stuff, while bare walls leaves all interior property (wallboard, paint, fixtures) the responsibility of the unit owner.  Knowing which is which is important.

All In:

  • Includes everything in the interior including the coat of paint on the inside.
  • Typically includes additions or alterations such as added cabinets, alarm systems, etc.
  • A simple visualization: Turn the building upside down and shake it.  Everything that falls out is the responsibility of the individual owner and everything that stays attached is the responsibility of the condo association.

Bare Walls:

  • Focuses on the bare walls/structure of the building.  Rough framed, with raw mechanicals included within association responsibilities.
  • Individual owner is responsible for the drywall, wallpaper, paint, floors, etc.
  • Condo association is responsible for only the shell structure plus heating systems, common plumbing and common electric.

Insurance for condos is evolving, and now may include "per unit" deductibles, such that unit owners may need to take additional steps with their own insurance.   Partner with a company that knows how condos operate, and how to keep the cost of insurance lower for the association and for the unit owners.  (See form to the right, or call us at 800-649-3252)

Are you an individual condo owner? Click here for 'unit owners' insurance resources.

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