Buying a New Home?

We're Here to Help

Buying a house for the first time can seem like a daunting task. The bank has a list of needs, an appraisal needs to be done, the closing attorney collects all kinds of documents. Even if you've done it once or twice before, there's a lot.

One of the bank's requirements is insurance. After all, the house is their collateral against the loan. But we can make this part of your closing as easy as possible. 

We begin our analysis by asking this question; if the house burned down, how much would it cost to rebuild? For other information about the house, we'll coordinate with the realtor or search public records.  We'll customize your policy for specific needs, such as jewelry or if you have a business in your home.  Then we''ll provide you with the lowest cost options for your needs with one of our broad stable of companies. We coordinate documentation with the closing attorney, so when you get to the closing, all the insurance paperwork will be ready.

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