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If you live anywhere near the coast, you want to know what kinds of options you have. When you work with the professionals at Gordon, you'll be assured of having several options, all at competitive prices.

Coastal insurance doesn't necessarily require that you have a "wind deductible", though many companies impose these on customers near the coast. These can be significant, as they are often expressed as a percentage of the value on the home. For example, a 2% wind deductible on a $500,000 house means that the first $10,000 of wind damage is your responsibility.

As this whiteboard video will show you, there are options for buying back your windstorm deductibles (though not with all companies). 

To be sure you're getting the  best value with the lowest amount of personal risk, get a quote from Gordon. It won't cost you, and it might make a huge difference when you need it.


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