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    Travel: St. George, Utah

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff on Fri, Aug 07, 2015 @ 09:55 AM

    After my family spent a week in Las Vegas, we drove for about two hours to St. George, Utah. It was a lovely and relaxing place to go after spending a week in such a bustling city, yet St. George is a quickly growing metropolian area itself!

    The first thing we did when we arrived was get lunch at George's Corner Restaurant. I had a caesar salad sandwhich that was absolutely delicious. We went because online reviews indicated that they had excellent gluten free options, and my sister was diagnosed with Celiac disease on the first week of our trip in Vegas. She was also more than pleased with her food! They give generous portions and have a fabulous menu, plus there's a very homey feel. 

    On our first full day, we went to the Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum, which was very well done. If taxidermy offends you, then this is not a good place to go, but my family enjoyed learning about all sorts of different animals. Admission was very cheap, but we were provided with talking wands; you press the number of the exhibit you are in, and the wand plays a recording with info about all the animals in the area. The gift shop had lots of choices for all age groups, and overall the whole facility was very well done if you're looking for a one or two hour indoor activity. We also went to the St. George art museum at the center of town, which as an artist, I enjoyed, but may be a little dull for the average tourist (the facility is nice, but most of the paintings are of cowboys and landscapes, so my siblings were quickly bored). 

    Travel_review_St_George_Utah_Andrew_G_Gordon_Inc_InsuranceThe next day, we hiked in Snow Canyon (warning: it's not actually snowy). St. George is only about an hour and a half away from Las Vegas, so if you read my previous travel post, you'll know that temperatures were around 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day. If you go hiking in national parks, be sure to bring water and never go alone. We saw some old volcano caves, and the scenery was beautiful. To the left is a picture of my sister in Snow Canyon.


    We also went hiking at Zion Canyon, which was about an hour from our hotel (the beautiful Villas at Southgate). Zion is structured a little differently from the other national parks; there are multiple stops and hiking spots that you reach via shuttle. The area has a rich history and has been home to Native American groups for generations. The canyon is gorgeous, but again, I didn't enjoy hiking in such extreme heat. Right is a picture of a notable spot at Zion; "The Three Patriarchs). 

    We spent most other days in Utah in the condo's pool, which was very relaxing after so much hiking and the stress of Las Vegas. My parents also went to Bryce Canyon, about a two hour drive away, and they both said it was an absolutely breathtaking, incredible place. Overall, I enjoyed the relaxing parts of our trip, but I would recommend going during a cooler season. 

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