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    Wellfleet, MA: A Day Trip to the Cape

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff on Wed, Sep 07, 2011 @ 07:03 PM

    From Bourne to Provincetown, New Englanders flock from all corners, fighting traffic and children, to vacation in Cape Cod. A few friends and I decided to adventure out on a day trip to one part of the Cape: Wellfleet.

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    Located about an hour from the Cape Cod Canal by route 6, it’s almost a straight shot down the highway after the Sagamore Bridge. Some prefer to take the bus in and fewer fly into Provincetown.


    For only $15 parking, one can enjoy a day along the long White Crest beach where the sun sets a little earlier due to the enormous sand dunes. These natural hills are state protected so climbing and rolling are strictly prohibited. These dunes are steep enough to cause some damage if not taken lightly. However, once you make your way done the designated path, one can relax on almost rock-less sand and watch the sea. Fortunately, I was with a photographer who was able to capture the surrounding images.

    The Beach

     Frisbee and lacrosse are common activities, but watch out for the occasional kite flyer. My group was fortunate enough to arrive a few days after Hurricane Irene left her mark, so the waves were about four to five feet high. Not many braved the chilly waters, but kids will be kids. To our rear we had views of 85 ft high dunes with some odd vegetation that d

    id not realize it was on a steep sand hill. To our front we could see sailboats and also a few seals searching for oysters.

    Wellfleet: white crest beach sand dunes, wikipedia







    The Town

    Another type of animal searching for oysters was the average tourist trying to find the famous Wellfleet oysters. Previously a whaling port, Wellfleet now makes its fishing successes with mollusk hunting. No Ahabs anymore. Many beaches exist in Wellfleet; however, many are town permit required. The town is also known for its glacier created kettle ponds which provide a freshwater experience.

    The Downside

    Apart from the distance required to truck to Wellfleet, there were few downsides to this day trip. The restaurant did not provide the most inviting atmosphere and cover charges deterred younger customers. Showers and public restrooms were difficult to track down, but keep your eyes open, they are around. If I were to go back I would probably want more time to spend around town.

    More To Do

    Wellfleet is a treasure trove of activity during the summer tourism months. Not only is there the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary for more natural tastes, but also a local theater, a museum, and several bike rentals and tours for the entire family. Campgrounds and hotels scatter this part of the Cape.

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