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    Travel Tips

    Posted by Sue Bird on Mon, Jul 16, 2012 @ 12:57 PM

    travelHopefully you are enjoying your summer and you are lucky enough to take trip somewhere fun!  It’s handy to have a checklist of things to do or bring along so that you are better prepared. 

    Confirm reservations.

    - You never want to get caught at a check in counter with either the wrong reservation or none at all.

    Check weather conditions for your destination. 

    -It will also help you determine what clothes to bring. Don't get caught in a storm without a raincoat, the sun without sun screen, or up a creek without a paddle.

    Put mail delivery on hold.

    -You won't enjoy the overstuffed mailbox upon return and neither will your postman.

    Keep lights at home on timers and keep a stereo turned on.

    -See our blog about home safety and break ins. You don't want your return to be marked by theft and insurance claims.

    Leave a car in the driveway if possible.

    -It's a great way to deter theifs and other unwanted guests if they think someone is home.

    Have a friend/neighbor keep an eye on your house

    -Give the number of where you will be staying. Offer to do the same for them if they go away, a few neighborly actions can lead to a stronger friendship and mutually benefit both of you.

    Make sure you have prescriptions filled ahead of time

    -And keep a list of those prescriptions, doctor’s and pharmacy’s numbers on hand. It's important to stay on top of your meds and other needs, especially with a younger family member who may need it and not keep track of them.

    Make sure pets are taken care of

    -If your pets are staying home and you have a sitter, make sure they have your number and the vet’s number in case of an emergency and plenty of food. Your dog is a part of the family and although he couldn't come on the trip, he still should be taken well care of.

    Bring cell phone charger.

    -Having emergency numbers and housesitters is great unless they can't get in touch with you during a crisis.

    Happy Summer!

    Sue Bird

    This is just a list of suggestions and cannot absolutely guarantee you home safety, pet protection, or a fun vacation.

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