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Pharmacy Errors: Buyer Beware


Protect yourself and loved ones from the errors pharmacists and doctors can make with life and personal from Gordon InsurancePharmacists do an excellent job of filling prescriptions from physicians and work with remarkable accuracy most of the time. As highly trained medical professionals, pharmacists are an integral part of the medical system.

However, because of the specificity needed in prescriptions, when pharmacists do err, the results can be tragic. This story was recently posted on

Real Life Stories

“My ex-husband died from a pharmacy error. He was in relatively good health before the pharmacy dispensed an overdose of Coumadin. The physician denied any responsibility for this problem, though the pharmacy blames the physician." 

“The drug manufacturer clearly states in its written information that Coumadin should not be taken twice a day. Even if the physician erred on the phone, the pharmacist should have been knowledgeable enough to question the overdose.”

What Now?

The moral of this story is that when dealing with important medication, it’s important to err on the side of caution. Is a pharmacy error very statistically unlikely? Yes. Is it worth taking the extra 20 seconds to verify that your medication and dosage is correct with your physician and your pharmacist? Yes.

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