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Life Insurance - Why You Should Pursue It

Protect your family with life insurance from andrew gordon inc insurance norwell maLife insurance costs have come down consistently over the past 20 years, reflecting the fact that people are living longer.  Medical advances, awareness of the benefits of diet and exercise, and vehicle safety all contribute to this trend. The hardest part about life insurance for most people is initiating the process.  Nobody wants to pressured into buying something they don’t need and don’t want.  Fortunately today, it’s easier than ever to get a no-pressure quote from us.  We use SBLI for most customers needs, since they’re always competitive, and always easy to work with.  

SBLI has an online needs calculator to assist you with deciding on an amount. We offer the same great rates and coverage options, but you also get our help with deciding the best match for you, as well as navigating the underwriting process.  You choose the time period you want insurance to last, and you’re on your way…

Underwriting is easy too.  When you first speak with us, we’ll ask a few questions about your height and weight, family history, and any hazardous hobbies you do to get a realistic sense of your underwiting category, so you can plan on costs that are realistic.  Once you decide on what you need, we arrange to have a licensed paramedic meet you at your home or office for the medical part. Getting around to the right amount of life insurance is fast, easy and economical.

Learn more about life insurance here, and get some life exam tips here


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