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16-Jan-2019 Christianity
The Bonnie Lea Book Club tackled a book about the world’s most influential religion, examining how it grew as an offshoot out of a...
17-Jul-2014 novel
A Climate of Crisis was a good read, providing perspective on the dialogue and evolution of environmental progress in the United S...
8-Jul-2014 casual
You're probably familiar with J.K. Rowling as the author of the beloved Harry Potter series (I'm a huge fan myself). In her first ...
5-Feb-2014 novel
We all enjoyed this second book by Philipp Meyer: great writing, backed by deep research, and an ability to project interesting an...
18-Jul-2012 moveable feast
A Summertime Hemmingway Double Header: Moveable Feast contains the theme the Hemingway writes the truth.   Write one page of truth...
8-Jun-2012 book review
John Irving is an author notorious for his “touchy” subject matter and clearly stated underlying moral theme. Yet, A Prayer for Ow...

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