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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children: Ransom Riggs, Book Review

Get_some_good_personal_reads_with_Andrew_G_Gordon_Inc_InsuranceMiss Peregrine's is a young adult novel about a boy named Jacob, whose grandfather tragically dies and leaves Jacob longing to visit an island in Wale's to discover his grandfather's past and the meaning of his life. The novel features odd photographs of, well, peculiar children. 

In the months following his grandfather's death, which Jacob witnessed, he becomes depressed. He ventures to the island and finds a derelict building to explore. He meets a strange girl named Emma, who time travels with Jacob and brings him back to the building in 1940, where it is an orphanage for children with superpowers. Jacob eventually realizes that he is just as peculiar as the orphans there, and they embark on various adventures together.

I found this book extremely riveting and interesting for the first two thirds. The plot is engaging, surprising, and the book is well written with some occasional advanced vocubulary (which I like!). However, I was disappointed with the simaltaneous predictability and randomness of the last part. The book went from being exciting to legitimately frustrating, like watching a bad movie and hoping the characters will do one thing when you know they're going to do the opposite. 

Overall, if you're looking for a new, fresh story, give this a try. The content is appropriate for any age throughout, though I would say the target audience is definitely middle and high school students. The book is somewhat similar to the work of John Green (another young adult author), so if you like his work, don't let my slightly negative book review for this story deter you from what could be your next favorite novel! Keep in mind that I'm also the type of reader that enjoys Victorian novels, so your taste might be completely different!

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