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15-Aug-2013 Donna Bellavance book

The Great Gatsby: Book Review

Flapper 1920sWith the recent release of the new exorbitantly priced re-make of The Great Gatsby, I was anxious to read this American classic. Having heard others describe their enthrallment with this book, I was certainly looking forward to also being captivated by Fitzgerald's work. Unfortunately this did not happen for me. I found the first half or more of this novel to be rather tedious and slowing-moving. The bulk of the action took place in the last third of the novel which quickly provided the ending for the long build-up. More to the point, I did not empathize with either the Great Gatsby or Daisy Buchanan. Perhaps if I had read this work in high school when it was part of the recommended reading program, I would have empathized more with the idealistic romanticism of this ill-fated couple. However, reading it at this stage of my life, I found Daisy to be a vapid, self-centered narcissist incapable of a true long-lasting love for another. She had no depth of character and certainly did not present herself as a role model as a wife or mother. As for Gatsby, I found him to be an unwitting dreamer living a fantasy existence built around the "love of his life". To add to the irony, this love was not reciprocated to the same extent. The part of the book I did enjoy was the description of the opulent lifestyle and carefree attitudes of the various characters.


Donna Bellavance

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