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What is Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

Your TV goes out on the day before the big game.

Your dishwasher fails after the big Thanksgiving dinner.

Your air conditioner unit seizes on the hottest day of the summer.

What do you do?  Well, your homeowner policy wouldn’t cover these types of problems, but EQUIPMENT BREAKDOWN COVERAGE can save the day.

Here are some benefits of adding this coverage to your homeowner policy:

  • It’s an affordable alternative to coverage provided by home and retailer warrantees, which are often costly.

  • It often provides replacement of equipment with greener, modern Energy-Star rated products.

  • It covers costs to repair or replace equipment quickly.

  • Various coverage limits are available, sometimes up to $50,000.

  • Claims for this coverage usually don’t affect future premiums.



Normal wear and tear is not covered. Losses must be sudden, direct and accidental.

Be sure to check with your account manager to see if your carrier offers this coverage. 

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