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In today’s society, smaller insurers have been extremely successful.  According the analysts at J.D. Power, the reason for this is because of independent agents.  In their study, these analysts looked at customer satisfaction. 


The study found that this year, small insurers had overall better customer satisfaction than big insurance companies.  Although this was only by a small margin, there are many explanations for this change in success.  Insurance agencies portray the price of insurance from small insurers in a positive way, which has ignited a response and determined the newfound success of these companies. 

As Gordon Insurance has figured out while in the process of redesigning their website, it is very hard for small insurance companies and agencies to get digital business.  This new era of online interactions has proven to be much more successful for larger corporations, as they have the resources and staff to make online business efficient and effective. 

Smaller insurers bank their success in the appeal of close customer relations and face-to-face interactions provided by agencies.  Customers of small insurance carriers have most likely been influenced by their own personal friendly face at their agency.

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