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    Hurricane and Tropical Storm Preparedness

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Mon, Oct 27, 2014 @ 03:37 PM

    Prepare_for_storms_and_hurricanes_with_homeowners_and_haikus_from_Gordon_Insurance-1I recently attended a seminar sponsored by Liberty Mutual on risk control. I found some very useful tips on how to prepare for the event of a hurricane or tropical storm. Some of these tips were commonly known to me, but others not so much. These useful tips can be used in both home and business environments.

    The National Weather Service tells us that hurricane and tropical storm season beings on May 15 in the Pacific region and June 1 in the Atlantic region of the United States. It runs through the end of November. During this season we all know that there can be wind, water and flood damage.

    The message here is to prepare ahead!:

    • Have on hand an ample supply of drinking water and nonperishable food, medical supplies/first-aid kits. Ensure that your prescriptions are filled and not expired.
    • Make sure your cell phones are charged and have spare batteries.
    • If cold weather, have an ample supply of warm clothing and blankets available.
    • Have a supply of cash for post hurricane needs.
    •  Emergency lighting; flashlights and spare batteries for Emergency radio (battery, solar, or crank-powered). Size AA, AAA, C and D batteries sell out very quickly during an impending storm or disaster!
    • Keep on hand portable pumps and hoses, along with lumber, plywood, nails
    • Have a supply of mops, brooms, water vacuum, etc
    • Keep a printed list of your contractors, Plumbers, electrician, heating, tree service, etc.
    • Remove loose items from home and yard
    • If possible, have a portable generator on hand and be familiar with its use!
    • Supply of plastic covers and tarps.
    • Clean and clear any floor drains, gutters and downspouts
    • Ensure that the storm drains & catch basins in your area are free and clear.
    • Relocate water sensitive items off of lowest floor, away from doors and windows
    • Shutdown and unplug any noncritical electrical equipment.
    • Have emergency contact numbers at hand
    • Keep whistles at hand to call attention in case of emergency
    • Keep trees close to your property well trimmed.

    While this list may not be all inclusive, it will certainly help you to prepare.

    Contact us with any questions! Or read some more blogs on home safety and storm damage:

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