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How can we reduce your payments?

We all have to pay for insurance; something that we hope we never have to use.  So, how can we get it for less?

One way is to give us a call to review your account to be sure that you are getting the best product for the best price.  You can do a review online by going to our  or Auto Insurance Questionnaire, and then follow up with a phone call.  

It is very helpful for us to look over your account to be sure that we have all the information up-to-date.  For instance, is a young driver now getting good grades that could make him eligible for a discount?   Have you put on an addition that would increase the replacement cost on your home?  Are you now a member of a group that could get you more discounts (AAA, AARP, SBLI?)   Things do change and we want to be sure that we have you rated correctly but not over insured either.

If we do a review and find that you are best where you are, you may still be able to lower your rates.   You can pay the policy in full (most companies give a good discount for this).   You can sign up to receive the policy documents and invoices via email.  You can also set up your policies to be paid via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer aka automatic withdrawal from your bank account).  Most companies do not charge anything for this whereas they all charge some sort of service fee every time they mail you a bill.  So sometimes just changing the billing plan can save you money!.

Please feel free to give us a call so we can discuss what options are available and what credits you may be missing!  We would be more than happy to go over this with you.

Thanks so much, Sue S and all of us at Gordon Insurance



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