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Healthy Living: Tips on Mono

Stay_healthy_from_mono_this_season_with_personal_insurance_from_Andrew_G_Gordon_IncIt's that time of year again: sick season. But cold temperature itself doesn't make people sick; it's the way we're closer to each other in the winter. Kids have been back in school for a while, constantly bringing germs home to everyone in their families. And since it's cold outside, people stay indoors more, exchanging germs. Nearly everyone gets a little cold or sore throat sometime each winter (for tips on staying healthy during this time of year, check out this blog), but just in case it's something worse, here's my advice for the worst sickness I've ever had: mono.

In case you have never heard about it, mono is a disease that causes extreme fatigue, muscle soreness, swollen lymph nodes, a sore throat, and lots of other uncomfortable things. Symptoms typically last 2-6 weeks (but can last for months), and mono is fairly common in teenagers.

I didn't know I had mono at first; I simply had a headache one day, and thought it was due to stress and lack of sleep. It persisted through the next day, and after that I had a very bad fever and did not feel well at all. One second I was sweating, the next shivering. I went to a minute clinic, was diagnosed with a double ear infection, and given amoxocillin. Two days later, I felt no better and had developed and extremely sore throat. I went to my doctor and was told that I may have mono, but to wait a few days to see if my sickness would pass. I stopped going to school, and was diagnosed with mono from a blood test three days later.

As you can tell, my doctors didn't do a good job treating me immediately even though they knew the possible problem. You must educate yourself about possible sicknesses and stay healthy, because they aren't always perfect

I missed three weeks of school and had to make up all my work. I did some schoolwork during my time at home, but if you do have mono, the most important thing is to REST. I spent most of my time resting and was able to recover in 3 weeks; if you don't rest, it takes longer to recover. Everyone also experiences different symptoms, so if you have questions about your condition, call your doctor (you'll probably be seeing him/her a lot!).

Once you've had mono, you carry it with you throughout your life. You won't be sick for the rest of your life, but anyone can catch it from you at any time. This doesn't guarantee that if someone sips your water, he'll get mono, but it's possible. Although mono is nicknamed the "kissing disease," you can get it from sharing food or drinks with someone, or even just being in close contact with them. Mono hits teenagers the hardest; when little kids are exposed to the EBV virus, they may get a little cold or fever, but don't need a doctor's visit.

Contact us here at Gordon Insurance with any personal health insurance questions, but see your doctor if you're worried about your health!

*This article is meant for informational purposes only! Do not use it to diagnose or treat yourself! If you think you may have mono or another illness, go see your doctor!

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