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Halloween (the movie) & Minimizing Risk

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The latest remake of the 1978 original “Halloween” horror flick surprised a few people with its opening weekend sales of $77 million! This was more than double the formerly highest grossing “Halloween” movie ($26 million its opening weekend in 2007). Looking at these large dollar figures, it seems that people like to get scared more in a group (such as in a theatre) than at home. What’s the appeal? When things go wrong…when things get scary…there is comfort in numbers.

Numbers provide a measure of predictability and certainty to a situation. On the other hand, unpredictability and uncertainty are at the core of risk, which causes us stress. With theatres under tremendous competition from streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, the horror theme seems to be well positioned to scare a bunch of people together.

In our homes, we can minimize uncertainty of seasonal changes by preparing our homes for cold weather beginning in the fall, and prompted by setting our clocks back. Here's a short list for a Saturday after Halloween:

  • Clean gutters (or hire a handyman for this)
  • close all sill cocks (outside water faucets) from inside (to prevent freezing)
  • inspect the chimney liner if you burn wood - let a chimney company do this)
  • change air filters for air based heat,
  • check around windows for any caulking needs

Also, review the checkups we should do twice a year (when we put our clocks forward or back):

  • Check tags and location of fire extinguishers (can you locate a fire extinguisher right now?)
  • Change out the batteries on smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Has your family makeup changed such that a review of your family's disaster exit plan should be updated?

There's also value in numbers, including the number of people at Gordon Atlantic standing behind your insurance, and who have experience with risk reduction, claims mitigation, and claims handling. Always let us know how we can reduce the cost of risk (uncertainty and unpredictability) in your world.

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