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14-Oct-2011 Sue Bird auto

Auto Insurance: What To Do If Cancelled for Non-Payment

Insurance cancellation for non payment Gordon Atlantic InsuranceCall your insurance company

First off, call us as soon as possible since time is of the essence and you don’t want to be driving without insurance. Our contact information is available at  We will work with your company to see if the policy can be reinstated.  The company will review your payment history and driving record, and may look to see if you have other policies with them.  If you meet their guidelines for reinstatement, they will want a form signed indicating that you have not had any losses during your lapse in coverage and will usually require a payment to catch you up in your billing cycle or possibly for the remaining balance.

What if I can't be reinstated

If you do not meet the company’s requirements for reinstatement, then you will need to apply for a new policy. This involves filling out a new application, paying off any balance you may still owe the old company, and most likely paying for your new policy in full at the time of application.  We can help you to find the best option for your situation.  Keep in mind that if your policy cancels for non-payment, it affects your credit history and your insurance rates.  Additionally, a copy of the Notice of Cancellation is sent to your bank if you have a loan on the vehicle and the Registry of Motor Vehicles will be notified and your plates revoked within 20 days of cancellation.  There is a minimum $100 plate reinstatement fee at the Registry if your plates are revoked.

Avoid Cancellation of Auto Insurance

To avoid cancellation of your policy, look into alternative billing options such as paying in full when you receive your first bill to possibly get a discount and avoid finance charges/service fees or sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer and have the company withdraw your payments automatically from your checking account each month. Check out our auto insurance policies and discounts. 

For more information on your auto insurance resources, click here. 

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