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15-Sep-2011 Sue Bird bag

Should I have an Emergency Go Bag?


What is a Go Bag?

Make sure your family is protected at all times for emergencies with insurance and tips from Andrew Gordon Inc

No, this isn’t a reference to your mother-in-law. In light of the sometimes no-warning nature of flooding, fires, earthquakes, and sometimes even hurricanes, it makes sense to have an emergency bag filled with the necessities for these situations. Visit the Risk Institute for a list of suggested items and then fine tune it for your area and personal needs.  And hope that you never have to use it, but know where it is.  Keep in mind that some of the items may need replacing and periodically check expiration dates.

Why Have an Emergency Go Bag?

Emergencies can strike with less than a moment’s notice, so being prepared is something more than just a nifty Boy Scout motto. Being torn out of your home, auto, or work by hurricanes, tornadoes, or any number of other disasters is hard enough without having basic necessities.  A Go Bag has the real necessities.

In the Emergency Go Bag

Emergency bags should be waterproof and easily portable for a quick getaway. There is nothing wrong with having more than one for any place you spend most of the day in. Of course contents can always be an issue. Some products that stand out are:

  • non-perishable food, including high protein and high fiber things like granola bars 
  • water supplies, capped to keep clean and fresh 
  • battery (or solar rechargeable) powered radio for updates from emergency broadcast systems
  • spare clothes for the season, but always include rain-wear
  • first aid kit
  • identification - for you and all resident family members
  • money - both a credit card and cash. 

Some items that can be overlooked are:

  • copies of important family documents
  • keys
  • List of emergency family and friend contacts 

If your house is damaged, having essential information can be critical. Even bleach can be useful as a disinfectant or (if desperate) a water purifier. For a more complete list, visit the Risk Institute website.

Disaster can strike at any time, and any where.  Don't think it won't happen because a disaster has not happened before, or in a long time...procrastination can be deadly.  The sooner your family is prepared for any emergency the better.

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