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Mold Damage: Preventing Unwanted Property Damage

From hurricanes to fall showers, it is important that we be on the lookout for mold in our homes. Homeowner policies generally provide limited coverage for mold/fungi damage following a covered loss (usually $10,000 for property damage claims and $50,000 for liability claims).

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 Mold Control

Experts claim that the best way to control mold damage and growth is to control the amount of moisture within the home.  If there has been some type of water damage to the residence, whether a result of ice dams, burst pipe, or sump pump failure, it is important that the repairs are done in a timely fashion, all excess water is eliminated, and any mold is immediately removed.

Health Hazards

Not only can mold pose a problem for your home and contents , it may also be detrimental to your health.  Residents have suffered allergic reactions, respiratory illnesses, and asthma as a result of the presence of mold in their homes.

 Preventing Mold

Since mold can grow almost anywhere and practically on anything where moisture and oxygen are present, it is recommended that you eliminate condensation by various methods, such as venting showers, clothes dryers, and cooking areas to the outside.  Humidifiers should not be constantly running as this keeps moisture in the air.  Proper insulation and ventilation should be maintained within the home during all four seasons. The EPA guide to mold prevention can be found here. 

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