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Easy Computer Tips and Tricks (Part 2)

 If you haven't already checked out the first blog in this series, read it here

Here are some more computer tips I frequently use that make online life easier.

Learn how to use your computer with personal insurance from andrew g gordon inc


Command + Shift + 4 Take a screenshot of a certain part of your screen (the window of the shot will appear and be adjustable by you
Command + Shift + 3 Take a screenshot of your entire screen
Option + Shift + volume or brightness This trick adjusts the volume or brightness in smaller increments


Alt + Print Screen This takes a screenshot of your selected window (to access this screenshot, see your computer's images) (or, open paint and press crtl + v)


Don't download fonts from online! This is a tip, not a shortcut. Every time I have tried to get the Harry Potter font or something fun online, my computer has gotten a virus. Stick with the ones already in Word or Google Docs.

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