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describe the imageSurf the web and our website more efficiently with these tips and tricks from an experienced internet user. As my time as Gordon's social media and web engineer (and a high school student), I've found these shortcuts to be especially helpful time savers. These tips also come in handy when doing school projects or just browsing.

The "ctrl" button is used on PC computers; the "command" buttons performs the same functions on a Mac.

Ctrl + click on a link

This opens the link page in a new tab on your browser, so you can still stay on the original page. Try it with this link!

Ctrl + F

This allows you to find certain words on a page. To try this on this page, press ctrl + f and type in "Mac." the word "Mac" a few lines above will be highlighted!  

Ctrl + A

This selects all the words on a page (for example, useful for changing the font of an entire document). Selecting all the words can help you copy them, as explained next.

Ctrl + C

You might know this one; this action copies the content that is highlighted on a page or document.

Ctrl + V

This pastes the copied content.

Ctrl + Z

This is the "undo" function, helpful when you accidentally delete a paragraph on a document! Keep in mind that your actions are only saved when you open a document; you can't "undo" anything from the last time you worked on something.

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Happy surfing! Use these tricks on our website, and contact us with any insurance questions. Comment below to let us know if you would like another blog with more tips.

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