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21-May-2014 Sandra Cornell policy

Boating Insurance

Enjoy your boat this summer with watercraft insurance from andrew g gordon inc

Boating Season Begins – Now.

Time to remove the shrink wrap, put the boat in the water and perform those necessary checks to be sure everything is “ship-shape."

Have you checked all your equipment to be sure it is in good order?  Are all the electronics working as they should?  What about life vests?  Do you have the required number for the people who might be enjoying time on your boat?  Are they the proper type as recommended by the Coast Guard?

Just one more item to address.  Have you read your boat policy lately?  Have you ever actually read it from front to back?  Once you do, you may have questions that your insurance agent can answer.  Since policies issued by different carriers may contain differing content, it’s always best to review the coverage with your agent. 

Are you familiar with the “lay-up” provision in your policy?  What lay-up period did you choose when you bought your policy?  April 15 to October 15?  May 1 to November 1?  Does your policy offer a 12 month navigation option?  Did you know that if you use your boat during the lay-up period and suffer a loss, coverage can be declined by the carrier?

Some boat policies include a “live aboard” exclusion.  “Live aboard “ can be broadly interpreted.  Is one overnight stay considered live aboard?  One week?  One month?  Best to check it out before you decide to spend time onboard overnight.

An important part of your policy is the “exclusions” section.  Be sure to review these items so that you  won’t be surprised if you suffer a loss that is not covered. 

Have you taken any boating courses?  The U. S. Coast Guard offers a boating course and on completion provides you with a certificate, which when presented to your insurance carrier will gain you a discounted premium.

Now it’s time to hop aboard and enjoy a summer of boating fun!


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