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Water Aerobics: Fun Exercise That Won't Hurt Knees

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Do you like to exercise and have fun but have issues with your knees or shoulders or…?  I had 4 knee surgeries and then a total knee replacement 10 years ago.  I have found that water aerobics has been very beneficial to me.  Water Aerobics can burn up to 600 calories in a one hour work-out!  You use the water to your benefit.  Any jumping has little or no impact on your knees.  This is a complete work-out.  All muscle groups are utilized, including your core.  You work out to music and the hour flies by (some classes are only 45 mins)!  Not to mention names, but I have found Webb’s ProFitness on Rte 53 in Norwell to be my favorite water aerobics place – and they have won many awards for their water aerobics programs.  They have many skilled instructors and class times vary – morning, nights and weekends!  No excuses – there is a time for everyone!  Think of doing aerobics on land – the pounding to your joints and knees, etc. – none of that while you are in the water!  I love to go all year round.  There is nothing like being in a pool exercising while it’s snowing outside.  Try it, you’ll like it….it’s fun and it’s good for you, too!  [Always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.]



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