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I grew up in our family business that owned and operated a Candlepin bowling center. We provided both public and league bowling. Candlepin bowling is just as unique as Duckpin and 10-Pin bowling.


Have fun and bowl with personal insurance from Andrew g gordon inc

Candlepin bowling is more common in the New England area. The bowling pins do resemble that of a candle, slim and tapered at the ends. Years ago, candlepins were made from wood with a plaster coating. Due to cost and maintenance, plastic candlepins were later introduced and are now used. Candlepin balls are solid (no finger holes) and weigh approximately 2.5 pounds.


Duckpin bowling is not very common anymore. The last Duckpin bowling center I can remember was on Court Street in Brockton, MA. They went out of business in the 1970s. The duckpin is a squatter looking pin, resembling that of the 10-Pin. Duckpin bowling uses a 5 pound ball with no finger holes. It is a variation of 10-Pin bowling.


10-Pin bowling is the most common in the country. Like Duckpin bowling, it uses a similar squatter pin but you can play with a 10 pound bowling ball with finger holes in it. Although it is called 10-Pin bowling, both candlepin and duckpin bowling use ten pins as well!

Now that you know a little more about the different types of bowling, go out with some friends and have some fun on the lanes!

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