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A Couple of Things about Winter Fun

Winter's here! There are a lot of great things that come with this enchanting season, especially in the New England area. Here's a list to help you remember why winter is such a fantastic season:

  • Have a safe winter with personal insurance from Andrew G gordon incFreshly fallen snow that makes every day a winter wonderland
  • Hot chocolate by the fire
  • Sledding down the highest hill on the fastest sled
  • Making snowmen and snow angels and snow forts
  • Snowball fights with your best friends
  • The holiday season because anyone from any religion has a reason to celebrate
  • Peppermint candies
  • Plays and ballets such as "A Christmas Carol" and "The Nutcracker" because the actors take these roles to heart
  • All the holiday specials on TV that play once a year... and knowing exactly when they air and being able to quote all the lines
  • The fresh pine smell that comes along with Christmas trees
  • Have a happy winter and christmas holiday season with personal insurance from andrew g gordon incThe spirit of giving
  • Skiing and snowboarding and all those mountain activities
  • Warming up after spending a long time outside
  • Staying up late on New Year's Eve and sleeping in on New Year's Day
  • Hockey season whether it's with the NHL or your six-year-old's team
  • Every four years we have the Winter Olympics (Go USA!)
  • Ice skating with family in an arena or on a frozen pond
  • Being snowed in and playing board games with your fellow captives
  • Warm desserts such as chocolate chip cookies and homemade cherry pie
  • The Doctor Who Christmas special, obviously
  • Feeling well-rested because you sleep more because the days are shorter
  • Groundhog's day and being upset when the groundhog does see his shadow
  • Valentine's Day because someone will always be your valentine, even if it's your mom
  • President's Day because we love our country and car dealerships have mega awesome sales
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day because this is country based on equality
  • Being excited because spring is coming... but being sad because we have to wait another nine months for winter to return

With winter comes a lot of fun, but also a lot of un-fun too. In order to be prepared for certain winter weather hassles, check out our Winter Storm Center page and stay prepared. If you have any insurance questions, contact us by simply clicking the button below.


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