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10 Commandments of Insurance

If you're going to do insurance, you should do insurance right. Here we've compiled the 10 Commandments of Insurance.

Never miss an insurance online payment with Andrew G Gordon Inc1. Thou shalt not miss a payment

There are so many payment options available, including electronic payments, that an insurance payment should never be missed. If you miss a payment, your policy may be canceled.

2. Thou shalt drive safely

Road rage, reckless driving, distracted driving- all bad. Drive as safely as possible to avoid accidents and bodily injury. Maybe you should increase your property damage if you aren't going to be the safest driver. Better safe than sorry.

Take care of your house property with homeowners insurance for home from Andrew G Gordon Inc

3. Thou shalt take care of property

A lot of work goes into maintaining a property. There are a bunch of underrated dangers that should be taken care of. You must also actively do things such as repair roof shingles, organize your items, take care of puffbacks, and the like. Having insurance is one thing, but letting your home go to shambles is something completely different.

4. Thou shalt take care of health

Health is very necessary to live a good and happy life. On top of doing things to take care of oneself, such a wearing sunscreen, staying properly hydrated, and being cautious to over-the-counter medications, life insurance is a must. People might wonder why life insurance should be pursued, but it's one of those things that's well worth it. For more information on life insurance, click here.

5. Thou shalt know the laws

Obey driving laws with auto insurance for your car from Andrew G Gordon Inc

There are a lot of laws out there that should be known. There are a lot of minor violations that can affect auto insurance, as well as some laws that are specific to junior operators (passenger restriction, time restriction, etc.). Following these laws can keep one out of legal trouble as well as insurance trouble.

6. Thou shalt actively understand insurance

Make sure you know what type of coverage you have. There's a difference between collision and comprehensive coverage, and the difference is huge. Knowing your insurance vocabulary is an important step.

7. Thou shalt take advantage of available discounts

There are so many discounts available! Why not take advantage of them? You could take extra driving classes, install an alarm, bundle your policies, etc. The point is, if you can pay less for the same exact policy, why wouldn't you?

8. Thou shalt not lie

If you do not provide accurate information when receiving a quote, a policy might be issued and all, but the policy will not adequately cover what you need covered. If you face a home insurance inspection, there's no way you can lie about things of that nature. Another bad example of lying is having a trampoline on your property if your insurance company doesn't know about it. Be truthful for correct coverage.

Take care of your pets with health insurance from Andrew G Gordon Inc9. Thou shalt take care of pets

Dog bites attract a lot of liability claims. With that being said, make sure your pets are taken care of. There are many dangers that pets can face, and you should know them in order to keep your best friend safe.

10. Thou shalt be prepared

In the case of natural disasters or storms, one should take advantage of storm and hurricane resources that Gordon Insurance has made available to them. You don't want to regret things after the storm, and by being prepared, you don't have to.

For more insurance information or to get a quote click the buttons below. If you have any other insurance questions, do not hesitate to contact us here at Gordon Insurance. Learn more about personal insurance here.


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