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How to Get the Most out of Gordon Insurance: Whiteboard Videos

Gordon Insurance has a strong presence on the popular video sharing website YouTube. But why do we have videos, unlike so many of our competitors? We believe that in giving you a visual as well as a verbal explanation is essential to helping you understand insurance and where we are coming from. And you don't have to open a tab to go to YouTube to watch our videos, we have the video content right on our website.

Our Whiteboard Videos are conveniently titled, as they are located under the "Whiteboard Videos" option on the side menu. There, you can find up-to-date videos about Gordon Insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and business insurance.

Watch Andrew G Gordon Inc Insurance whiteboard vids

You might be asking yourself, "Why bother with these videos? I can just Google what I want to know and then be done." What Google will show you is basic text- it will never show a diagram, never a live speaker, and information provided may not even be correct!

With a Gordon Whiteboard Video, you get an interactive experience with audio and visual to help you retain more of the information to which you are exposed. You get accurate information given to you using everyday language- not that insurance jargon that is so commonly used among insurance professionals exclusively.

White Video Menu

We try to keep our videos less than three minutes each- it takes about as long to Google your insurance question and find relevant, useful information. So why not watch the video? Learn insurance the current way. Whiteboard videos help distinguish ourselves from other insurance agents, and there's a reason. We know what we're talking about, watch our videos, and you will know too.

Any questions? Click the buttons below. View our Whiteboard Video library here


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