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Last Stay safe during concerts with personal insurance and safety tips from Andrew G Gordon Incweekend I spent my time at the Boston Calling music festival in Boston. A few days before, I saw Ke$ha and Pitbull at the Comcast Center in Mansfield. Last summer, I was fortunate enough to see Coldplay play at the TD Garden in July. I'm not going to say I'm an avid concert-goer, but as of now, I plan on seeing a couple of concerts in the fall and the winter.

Just like lots of people, I really enjoy music. And, I really like live music. There's almost nothing greater than listening to my favorite songs and seeing the artist perform. It's absolutely fantastic. Other people think it's fantastic too (maybe that's why concerts are usually so crowded... hmm), but with any fantastic thing in life comes some sort of risk. Just to ensure you have fun at your concert, here are a couple of safety tips you should know:

Protect yourself during music festival concerts from theft with personal insurance from Andrew G Gordon IncTransportation

Concerts can usually get out pretty late, and you'll be driving around at night with a bunch of people that are just as excited and tired as you are. Not to mention, there will probably be a couple of drivers who have had something to drink. To make sure you are as safe as possible, don't tail other drivers, and make sure you have designated driver who can make good judgements quickly.

The ShinsTheft

There are a lot of people at concerts who are looking to get something out of you- something like your wallet, complete with cash, credit cards, and photo ID. Make sure you keep all your valuables safe and on your person. Don't forget to check that you have everything with you whenever you change locations (i.e. from the bathroom to the snack stand to your seats, etc.) And make sure you check everything: wallet, cell phone, car keys, etc.

Marina and the DiamondsHarm

Although I like to believe that people are generally good, there are some wackos out there. Make sure you always travel with a buddy or in a group. When I went to see Coldplay last summer, I went with two of my guy friends. They didn't mind accompanying me to the bathroom last year and waiting outside- it was for my safety, and I'm grateful for them. There will always be creepy people lurking about, so just be sure you never have to face them alone. If you ever feel uncomfortable or in danger, talk to concert security immediately.


If you travel with a large group of people, and you split up into smaller groups (keeping with the buddy system), make sure you have a plan. Make sure everybody has a charged cell phone and everybody else's contact information. If a cell phone's battery dies, decide on a meeting place at a certain time. You don't want to be roaming around in smaller groups. That just wastes time. Also, if you're concert is outdoors, make sure you check the weather for that day and dress appropriately. The first day of Boston Calling was cold and rainy all day, but the second day was wonderful.

I had loads of fun at my concerts. The shows were unbelievable, and in the moment I just felt so happy. I'm glad I took some necessary precautions before the concerts; it's best to be safe.

If you have any other questions about insurance or safety, don't hesitate to contact us. Stay safe and have fun at your concerts!



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