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Stay safe on vacation with personal travel insurance from andrew g gordon incVacationing is an exciting time and summer vacations are right around the corner. Part of vacation planning should be used to secure your home while you are away. Some burglaries are random, while other are planned out (someone has been watching you and your home to learn your daily routine).  Here are some tips that I have personally practiced. Some tips more obvious than others.

  • Ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked.
  • Not everyone has burglar alarms. But if you do, notify your alarm company that you will be on vacation. Notifying your local police department is also advisable.
  • Outdoor lights – while your porch lights & exterior lighting do provide great security, they can also be a dead giveaway that you are on vacation if they’re left on 24/7. The use of timers or automatic light sensors gives a more realistic look that you are home. On at dusk, off at dawn.
  • Interior lights – Use light timers in a few rooms. Stagger their on/off times.  A radio or television on a timer is also a great deterrent.
  • Stop mail and newspaper deliveries or have someone take them in for you.
  • Mow your lawn or have it mowed before you go away. In the winter months, arrange to have your driveway shoveled.
  • Have a trusted person check the inside of your home daily. Reciprocate when it’s their vacation!
  • Empty driveways are a tell tale sign that you are away. Your car that’s parked in the same stationery position for a week is also a dead giveaway. When on vacation, regardless if I leave my car at home or not, I ask a neighbor to park their car in my driveway. I reciprocate when they’re on vacation.
  • Large objects that can be used as a platform to gain entrance through your windows should not be left out in the open.  I once returned from vacation to find that my wheelbarrow had been propped up against my rear window in an attempt for someone to gain access to my home.
  • Voice mail – your message should never imply that you are not at home or away. It’s better to say that you can’t come to the phone right now. This tip should be practiced 365 days per year!
  • Facebook, Twitter & other social media - Never, ever post your vacation plans or post your vacation while you are on vacation! As excited as you are to share your vacation, wait to post until you arrive home.

Vacations are few and far between. Relax more during them, knowing that you have taken security measures to return to a safeguarded home.

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