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Prepare your new teen driver for driving with auto insurance from andrew g gordon incIt seems that as soon as a child starts the process of preparing for a permit and driver’s license, the inquiries begin. Parents and guardians are very concerned with the ramifications of adding their children to their auto policies, and rightly so. This is a very important milestone affecting their insurance. 

What surprises most people is that we cannot add an operator who is just on their permit to an auto policy. They can only be added when officially licensed. At that point in time, a discussion will ensue as to how they are to be added to the policy. It needs to be determined whether they are principal operators of a vehicle or, truly occasional operators.  If an operator is not properly rated on a policy, a future claim can be denied by the carrier so this is extremely important.

Even though an operator on a permit cannot be added to the auto policy, they may be required to be listed on the umbrella if the parents have purchased this coverage. Therefore, it is always prudent to notify the agent if a child obtains their permit so the agent can verify what coverage, if any, may be affected.

If you have any other questions about auto insurance and adding a child to an insurance policy, contact us at any time. For the best coverage on your car, be sure to click the button below. We'll quote you for free.

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