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Go Green for Safety's Sake

How conscientious of the environment are you? Do you even care? Or, do you leave all that happy, green Earth mumbo-jumbo to the hippies and the environmentalists?

You should care. You should care very, very much.



Over the past decade alone, we have had incredible tropical storms that have cost our nation billions of dollars in damage. Remember Sandy last year? Irene the year before? Can you remember all the way back to hurricane Katrina? Recall that Katrina destroyed basically of all New Orleans and the south. Higher category hurricanes occur more often than before, and that is FACT. Whether you believe in global warming or not, more deadly hurricanes and storms occurring is factual.

If more and more storms keep occurring like this, you can be sure insurance for these storms will also change in several ways. First of all, the insurance prices would probably increase, ESPECIALLY FOR COASTAL HOMES. Coastal homes have more contact with the ocean and rising water levels (part of the definition for coastal homes), and the chance that these homes could possibly experience weather-related damage increases drastically.

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There are several ways you can contribute to reducing the increased greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

1. Cars- this is perhaps the most important way you can help you. Carbon dioxide emissions from account for such a large part of the greenhouse gases accumulating in our atmosphere. Some of the best ways to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions is to carpool with friends, if your destination is not within walking distance.

2. Recycle- some people believe that recycling is a myth. One of my uncles is one of those people, and we have successfully converted him. You don't have to make something out of every used shoebox or reuse every single water bottle to recycle- simply set aside aluminum cans, newspapers, and other recyclables. Instead of throwing them into your trash can, bring them to a recycling station. A lot of supermarkets have the recycling machines where you can redeem money just for recycling.

3. Ecycle - Recycle your electronic articles.  This is good for you when information stored on your old computers phones and laptops is destroyed securely.  It's good for our environment by keeping all the plastics, heavy metals and rare-earth metals out of the ground water.  And it's a good way to keep the cost of these devised down when special ingredients including rare metals are re-used.     Visit for more

3. Eco-friendly products- Water bottles, notebooks, dishwashers, lightbulbs, etc. Products exist that are made from recycled materials. If we are more conscious about these products and invest in them more, the whole consumer marker could switch and the "environmentally friendly" trend could become more and more popular, until it's not even a trend, but just an everyday thing.

4. Alternative energy- Local home improvement stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe's, sell the materials for alternative energy. For a one-time investment in say, a solar panel, you could cut down on your own electric use (as well as your electric bill!). Simply put, taking matters into your own hands can truly make a difference when it comes to going green.

The Future

One of the problems we are dealing with today is renewable energy for the future. Cars and other machinery gobble up fossil fuels faster than they can be made (which makes sense, since the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago). We don't have millions of years to replenish the fuels we're using, so we should think of some solutions and think of them soon.

Although it's not hurricane season yet, the impact of the greenhouse affect will certainly cause storms to become more and more dangerous. By starting recycling and being eco-friendly sooner, we can hopefully create a world where tropical storms aren't so great in magnitude and cause less damage to the civilization that we have worked so hard to create. Don't you think our planet is great?

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