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Cover yourself while traveling with personal trip insurance from andrew gordon inc norwell ma“Have a Nice Trip” is such a cliché in this day and age. Travel plans go haywire all the time!

Trip insurance, (not to be confused with liability insurance when somebody trips, falls and has an injury), is insurance that covers losses associated with trip and travel. Such plans may include coverage for delayed or canceled flights.

If you are unable to travel or a trip is canceled, trip insurance can cover and reimburse you for non-refundable transportation costs, including air, hotel and cruise costs. Covered reasons may be, but not limited to: weather, injury, sickness, or loss of job. Some plans may include secondary coverages such as lost, damaged or stolen luggage. Some plans also offer coverage if your luggage is delayed because it was sent to the wrong destination.

A good example is a past trip that I took to Colorado. My skis were accidentally sent to Montana, and I didn’t receive them until the third day of my trip. A trip insurance plan may have covered my extra expense of renting skis for the first three days. Unfortunately, I did not invest and lost those three precious skiing days.

Besides the traveling aspect, there are health plans do not offer coverage or have very limited coverage outside of the United States. Certain travel insurance plans include coverage for emergency medical treatment and/or evacuation costs. However, before you make an international trip, you should always consult with your health care provider.Prepare for your vacation with personal trip insurance from andrew gordon inc norwell ma

Certain trip plans also offer 24/7 customer assistance. Assistance may include items such as lost luggage, emergency cash wire transfers, rebooking flights, and hotel & ground transportation. Other incidents may also include assistance with missed flight connections and lost or stolen wallets & passports.

Trip insurance plans and packages may vary greatly. Not all plans offer the same coverage. It is important to compare plans and determine if the plan will meet the needs of your trip. While some companies offer standardized plans, others offer customized plans to meet your travel needs. Plans also vary from state to state.

I recommend that well in advance of your trip, you inquire with your insurance or travel agent to determine what plans are available for your specific trip.

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