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How Can I Prevent Car Break-Ins?

Prevent car robberies and break ins with these tips and auto from andrew gordon inc insurance norwell maHow many times have you left your cell phone in the car because you know that you’ll be in the store for only a few minutes? Did you hide your phone in your glove box? Or, did you leave it out in the open? 

Car break-ins happen all too often. It only takes a matter of seconds for a window to be smashed and for valuables to be stolen. Nearly 2 million thefts occur each year, and over 1 billion dollars worth of personal items account for the stolen items.

How can we prevent these thefts from occurring?

  1. HIDE VALUABLES. Small items like a cell phone or a GPS can be stowed into the car’s glove box or hidden under some sort of blanket or sweatshirt. Larger items such as laptops should be stored in the car’s trunk. Make sure the laptop is located in the trunk initially; thieves notice when you move items after parking in a lot. If it looks as if nothing valuable is in your car, thieves will have no reason to break into it.
  2. LOCK YOUR CAR. Some people think that locking a car is unnecessary. After all, it’s such a pain to unlock it once you return. Leaving a car unlocked is an open invitation for everyone out there, especially since anyone can see if the car is unlocked from the outside.
  3. CLOSE OPENINGS. Locking your car (see previous tip) isn’t going to do anything if your windows are wide open. This applies to any sort of sunroof too. If someone’s arm can reach through the window, then someone’s arm is free to snatch any sort of wallet that may be out in the open.
  4. PARK SOMEWHERE SAFE. Park close to a large group of cars- more people will be circulating throughout the parking lot in those areas and thieves will be more wary. If you are parking at night, park close to a light so that everything that happens to your car is visible.

Taking the extra precautions requires minimal effort from you, and maximal results. Simple things such as securing your car and hiding the valuables inside may be just the thing to prevent a car break-in.

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