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7 Tips for Proper Trailer Care

Take proper care of your trailer and insure your vehicles with auto from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MAIt is summer time and we are hitting the roads, lakes, ponds, and some of us are going to horse shows. This means that we are pulling all sorts of trailers behind our vehicles.

If your trailer is being pulled by a vehicle on your Personal Auto Policy, liability coverage follows automatically. If you want to have Comprehensive or Collision Coverage for the trailer, there will be an additional charge. If your trailer is being pulled by a Commercial Auto Policy it must be added to that policy for the trailer to have liability coverage.

Before you take your trailer out on the road, there are a few things that should be checked.  Below is a list of things that should be done:

1. Tires

  1. Tire tread can be checked with a penny.  The rule of thumb on tread depth is to use a penny and if it reaches the top of Lincoln’s head, it is ok.
  2. Tire pressure should be as per specific tire/vehicle specification as on the tire, the door jam of the vehicle, of very often it is on the trailer itself.
  3. Be sure that actual tire trailers are used, not vehicle tires.
  4. Look carefully for any dry rot/cracking on the side walls of the tires.

Make sure your trailer is covered with auto from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MA

2. Bearings should be checked for adjustment

and repacked on boat trailers at least once a year and on other trailers at least every two years.

3. Brakes

  1. Need to be in proper adjustment
  2. Brake battery is charged and in working order
  3. Run-away brake switch works
  4. Brake controller working properly

4. Lights

– be sure that all running, brake, and directionals are working properly.

5. Grease and oil all hinge pins at least once a year so they do not bind.

Take good care of your trailer with these tips and auto from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MA

6. Floor

– check that all floor boards and cross members that support the floor boards are not broken or cracked. If there are mats in the trailer, be sure to check underneath them.

7. Extra equipment

  1. Chock blocks for when trailer is parked
  2. Reflectors in case of a break down
  3. Lug wrench that fits trailer lugs
  4. If your tires have locks on them be sure to know where the key is kept
  5. Jack or ramp/tire chock that works to lift trailer in case of a flat

If you are diligent on checking things on your trailer, it can have a long safe life. 

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Happy Trailering and Happy Summer!


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