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Home Inventory – How to Organize

Do you know how much “stuff” you own? Don’t find yourself scrambling to recreate a list of your possessions if you suffer a fire or other devastating loss. An up-to-date home inventory will help you get your home insurance settled faster, help you purchase the correct amount of insurance and verify losses for Uncle Sam when tax time rolls around.

Tackling the inventory list can be simplified if you:

  1. Organize your home to stay safe and get homeowners coverage from andrew gordon inc insurance norwell maTake pictures of rooms and important individual items. Don’t forget to open your closets and drawers for items hidden from view.
  2. Videotape- walk through your house, condo or apartment videotaping and describing the contents. You can also do the same with a tape recorder.
  3. Use your computer-many personal finance software packages include room by room inventory software programs.
  4. Remember to send the list off-site to save in case the computer is damaged or ruined.
  5. Keep any photos or videos or receipts in your safety deposit box or at a friend’s home.
  6. Remember to update your list periodically so the inventory is current.

For more on taking the risk our of your home, visit our home page at Learn more about homeowners insurance here.

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