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    Distracted Driving and Railroad Crossings

    Posted by Jeff Helm

    Mon, Apr 09, 2018 @ 02:57 PM

    Distracted Driving JH Pic

    The Red Sox had just won their 2018 home opener in the bottom of the 12th, so to thaw out and celebrate we were on our way to Frank's in Cambridge for the world renowned "Tomahawk Steak."

    I was following this person who was on the phone and didn't have a clue that the red crossing warning lights were on and kept driving!  The gates came down on the windscreen/ragtop as the train came whipping through. OMG. The gates went up and off they drove unharmed and apparently unfazed.  

    April is Distracted Driving Month.  To learn more about the risks of distracted driving see our partner page at  Gordon Atlantic Insurance has preferred pricing with In Control.

    I've been and advocate of In Control driving training, and our non-profit In Control Family Foundation, since late 2004.  In Control has helped save lives by training over 30,000 young people and business employees, reducing crash rate percentages by staggering amounts.

    In Control, through its fundraising efforts and some generous donors, has scholarships available.  Most insurance companies will give you a credit on your auto insurance for taking part in this program, too.

    For more information please call one of the Gordon Atlantic insurance professionals toll free at 800-649-3252.  Prefer to type instead of talk?  Use the form on the left of this blog for an email or return phone call.  

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