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    Winterizing Your Car
    Home Safety Reminders for the Holidays
    Halloween (the movie) & Minimizing Risk
    Mass RMV now Reviewing Out-Of-State Driving Records
    Hurricane Defined for Insurance
    Wind Deductible vs. Hurricane vs. Named Storm Deductibles
    Do insurance companies charge for “Not-at-fault” accidents?
    2018 California Fires
    National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Reauthorized through November 13, 2018
    May is Massachusetts Motorcycle Safety Inspection Month
    Distracted Driving and Railroad Crossings
    OEM Parts vs After Market Parts
    Changes at the Massachusetts Registry Regarding Licensing and ID Cards
    How does a Homeowners Policy cover water in a basement?
    How does a Homeowners Policy Handle Tree Damage?
    Get Road Rewards telematics for safer driving
    2018 Government Shutdown and NFIP (Flood insurance)
    What is premium fraud?  Or, is garaging location important for insurance?
    Reasons for a Personal Injury Endorsement on Your Homeowners Policy!
    Prevent Tax Fraud
    Car Safety Seats: Is Your Child Safe?
    Insurance University: Tips for the College Bound
    Bicycle Theft Prevention
    Grilling Safety: MA Insurance
    Lightning Safety: An Overview
    Insurance Haikus
    Avoiding Collisions with Deer
    Insurance Agents: The Good Guys
    Boat Theft Prevention
    Risk Management: When Intuition Fails Us
    A Homeowner Claim Scenario: A Break-In
    Uncovering Employee Theft: MA Insurance
    Kitchen Safety: How to Sharpen and Hone Knives
    Frame Damage: Car Accident Aftermath & Collision
    MA Surcharges: 20 Minor Violations That Increase Insurance
    Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
    Identity Theft Prevention: College
    What is Reckless Driving?
    How is the Cost of My Car Insurance Policy Determined?
    The Simple Math Behind Insurance
    Why do you need an Umbrella Policy?
    Insuring your Home Inventory
    I’ve just had an accident, what do I do now?
    Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
    How to Avoid Frozen Pipes in the Winter
    How payment habits affect your auto insurance costs
    Should I Go Solar?
    Checklist for your Household Drivers
    What is Earthquake Coverage?
    Should You Have an Extra Set of Car Keys?
    What if my Vehicle Catches on Fire?
    Six Things to do Before Your Child Leaves for College
    Fallout of Private Flood Insurance Market and Effect on NFIP Policyholders
    Risks of Hiring an In-Home Nanny
    Do You Have Scheduled Items on Your Homeowner Policy?
    So... What is the deal with Pokémon Go?
    The Independent Agency
    Auto Insurance Rates on the Rise in MA
    Accident Forgiveness
    Boating Safety
    Tips For a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!
    AAA Can Be Helpful in Many Ways!
    Moped and Motorized Bicycle Operation Restrictions
    Replacement Cost vs. What Home is Worth
    Home Maintenance for the Spring/Summer
    Grandfathering Your Flood Insurance Rates
    What are the different Bodily Injury limits on your Mass Auto Policy?
    Fire Pits & S’mores
    Takata Airbag Recall: What Does This Mean for Your Auto Insurance?
    Are You Better with a “Local Insurance Agent” or an  “As Seen on TV” Company?
    Teen Driver Discounts
    When can you use your Substitute Transportation coverage?
    Why is Tire Pressure Important?
    Fun in the Sun on Your Boat
    Save a Life, and some Dough with In Control Crash Prevention
    Spring Cleaning & Fire Prevention
    Lyme Disease
    Daylight Savings Time 2016
    Traffic Rules
    How can we reduce your payments?
    Should I file an insurance claim or not?
    Buying a Car from an Out of State Dealer
    How Insurance Plays a Role in Buying a New Vehicle
    Home Generator Safety Tips
    Who should be listed as an operator on your auto policy?
    What is Equipment Breakdown Coverage?
    Winter Driving
    Why do I need a Homeowner's Policy when I rent?
    Term Life Insurance – Options Available Here
    Tips for Safe Driving During the Winter
    Cell Phone Use While Driving
    New Law Enacted in Massachusetts
    Lightning Insurance
    What Type of Dog is Right for your Insurance?
    2015 Plate Lottery
    Why You Should Purchase Auto Insurance Above State Requirements
    Healthy Living: Circadian Rhythm
    Earned Premium
    Automobile Property Damage Liability – How Much is Enough?
    Benefit of Having Medical Payments On Your Mass Auto Policy
    Wedding Insurance
    Graduation Safety Tips
    Outdoor Wood and Brush Burning Tips
    Winter Safety: The Snow is Melting!
    Where Does Your Energy Come From?
    What is the Waiver of Deductible?
    Texting and Driving
    3 Ways to Reducing Risk Tips for Driving
    Our Best Insurance Blogs
    Winter Safety: Ice Dams
    Insurance Jokes
    Independent Insurance Agents Save You Money!
    Named Perils: Insure Your Valuables!
    Emergency Kit
    What to Do After a Blizzard
    Compulsory Insurance vs. Comprehensive Coverage
    Winter Safety: Frozen Pipes
    Winter Safety: Driving
    Underwriting Home Insurance
    Write a Review for Our Insurance Agency!
    Snowmobiling Safety in New Hampshire
    Pet Safety at Christmas
    Car Safety: What to Do When Your Windshield Fogs Up
    Healthy Living: Tips on Mono
    Donate Your Car to Charity
    Car Safety and Eyesight
    When to Change My Homeowners Insurance
    Homeowners Insurance for a new Home Purchase
    Cancelling for NonPayment
    Dryer Fire Claims
    Do I Have to Notify My Insurance Company if My Mortgagee Changes?
    Seat Belt Laws in Massachusetts
    Hurricane and Tropical Storm Preparedness
    What To Do If You Are in a Car Accident
    Renewing Plates on a Leased Vehicle
    Youthful Permit Operators
    Are You Getting All the Credit You Deserve?
    What Do I Do If Someone Breaks Into My Car?
    Replacement Cost Estimators
    Why You Should Carry Higher Property Damage Limits
    Pool Laws and Insurance
    How to Lower Your Energy Bill
    Dangerous Places to Drive In Norwell: Be Careful!
    Easy Computer Tips and Tricks (Part 2)
    Junior Operators: How to Pass Your Road Test
    Easy Computer Tips and Tricks
    Total Loss Tips: What to Do If Your Car Is Totaled
    Junior Operators: How to Get Your Permit
    Junior Operators: How Do You Get Your License?
    Avoid Collisions with Deer and other Animals
    Bike Noise Limits
    Desk Yoga
    What is Gap Insurance?
    Steady Your Ship with a Sea Anchor
    Homemade Cleaners (Part 2)
    Harvester Ants Wreaking Havoc on Your Lawn? Kill Them with Cotton Candy!
    Boating Insurance
    Poison Ivy
    Insurance for Working From Home
    Walking in Parks
    Homemade Cleaners
    AAA Offers Bicyclists Breakdown Service
    Plates for Vehicles Bought Out of State
    Insureds with Out of Country Licenses
    What is Subrogation?
    Motorcycle Reminders... Be Sure That You Have Proper Coverage
    Keeping the Old Car Registered/Insured
    Water Aerobics: Fun Exercise That Won't Hurt Knees
    Flood Insurance: Overview of the Grimm-Waters Homeowner Affordability Act of 2014
    Tis The Season - For Ticks That Is…..
    Does Remodeling or Adding to My House Affect My Insurance?
    Scituate Animal Shelter….”The Lucky Ones Come to Us”
    Free Family Fun
    Flood Maps Delayed One Year
    It's Pothole Season!
    Rental Reimbursement on Auto Policies
    Cruise Control in Adverse Conditions
    Time it Was
    Snow Plow Operations – Are You Covered?
    A Couple of Things about Winter Fun
    Homeowner 101
    Stay Healthy This Season
    How to Use Car Defrosters
    Flood Insurance Changes in MA: 2014
    Insurance Scores
    Changing Your Smoke Detector Batteries
    Who Insures Flood Policies?
    Halloween Safety
    Preparing for Colder Weather
    Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
    Car Safety Tips for Changing a Flat Tire
    Jack-O-Lantern Tips and Tricks
    A Couple of Things about Autumn
    Biggert-Waters and Flood Insurance Rate Changes in MA
    Which Drivers Should Be Listed on Your Auto Policy?
    Insurance Statistics
    On-line Banking
    Drunk Driving: Why Do People Do It?
    Dogs and Insurance: Breeding Trouble
    10 Commandments of Insurance
    Microbursts: Surprise Storms
    Tales from a Novice Ocean Rower
    Don't Let the Bugs Bite
    Super... Bowl!
    Road Responsibility
    Online Passwords: Are You Safe?
    Older Drivers and Emerging Vehicle Safety Technologies (Part 3)
    Older Drivers and Emerging Vehicle Safety Technologies (Part 2)
    Older Drivers and Emerging Vehicle Safety Technologies (Part 1)
    Cell Phone Laws and Driving in MA
    What is a No-Loss Letter?
    License Plate Lights
    CPR and AED General Info
    How to Get the Most out of Gordon Insurance: Personal Insurance
    Junior Operators: 5 Things to Keep in Mind
    Insurance Tips for Financial Advisors
    Will My Insurance Cover a Trampoline?
    Diabetes: Are You at Risk?
    Water, the Miracle Molecule
    How to Get the Most out of Gordon Insurance: Whiteboard Videos
    Hit the Plate Lottery! Win a Low Number License Plate!
    Food Allergies
    What is an Additional Insured?
    How to Get the Most out of Gordon Insurance: Blogs
    Hurricane Awareness
    Hidden Parking Lot Dangers
    Green Discounts
    How to Get the Most out of Gordon Insurance: eBooks
    Coverage for Valuable Articles
    Slow and Steady Saves Lives
    Insurance for the College Student
    Motorcycles are Everywhere
    Concert Safety
    Plymouth 400 License Plates
    Cancer Free World
    Predictive Modeling
    A Couple of Things about Summer
    Should I Buy a Generator for My Home?
    Vacation Security Tips
    Pure Auto Insurance in MA
    Getting to the Root of the Problem
    Why Do I Need a Home Insurance Inspection?
    Danger: Leaving Children and Pets in Hot Cars
    Operators on Permits
    Road Courtesy: The Opposite of Road Rage
    How to Get Insurance
    Growing Insurance Knowledge
    The Benefits of Breakfast
    The Perfect Baby Shower Gift
    Filing Taxes
    Homeowner's "Hold Back"- What is it?
    First Day of Spring
    How to Beat Procrastination
    Insurance Vocabulary
    Why Increase Property Damage Limits?
    Some of the Best Insurance
    Damage Caused by Nemo
    Car Safety in the Bag
    Will Naming Winter Storms Affect Your Deductible?
    Go Green for Safety's Sake
    Public Adjustors, Company Adjustors and Independents - Defined
    Winter Storm Nemo
    The Biggest Insurance Discount: Bundling Your Policies Together
    What is Road Rage?
    Pet Health Insurance
    Redefining Risk
    Travel Insurance: Worth It?
    A Car Accident Story
    Out-of-State Auto Purchase Problems
    Coffee, You, and Your Insurance
    Drivers Education Parent Class- Are You a Good "Road" Model?
    The Insurance Monster
    Why Did My Home Insurance Premium Go Up?
    RMV: Automated Licensing and Registration System Change
    7 Sins of Insurance
    Should I File a Claim for a Single Vehicle Accident?
    How To Enjoy Winter Safely
    New Year's Resolutions- Insurance Style
    Winter Driving
    An Insurance Christmas
    Binding Authority
    Insurance Planet
    Simple Stuff, Insurance, and Other Things that are not Synonymous
    Some More Holiday Safety: Lights
    Why an Insurance Blog?
    Online Safety: http vs. https
    Excluded Operators
    Holiday Safety
    Trip Insurance
    Power Surges and Technology Protection
    Mac or PC?
    Vanity Plates in MA- "INFO4U"
    Where Should My Homeowner's Bill Go?
    Save 10% on Home Insurance
    Hydroplaning- When the Weather Gets Rough
    Bike Safety
    New Driver – Parent Contract
    How Can I Prevent Car Break-Ins?
    Mosquito Control- The Little Brown Bat
    Hurricane Sandy- Déjà Vu
    Flood Zone Changes Affect Thousands of Homeowners in Massachusetts
    Pumpkin Carving Safety
    What are the Different Homeowner's Forms?
    What is a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy?
    How Do I Get an Absentee Ballot?
    What Do I Tell My Babysitter?
    Are Your Turn Signals On?
    Junior Operators: What is the Time Restriction Violation?
    Alzheimer's Action Day- Go Purple!
    Active Plates: MA Insurance
    UV Rays: Tips on Protecting Your Skin
    Over Your Head: Shingles for Your Home
    What Do I Need to Know About Insurance? 5 Things
    What is the Passenger Restriction for Junior Operators?
    Accident Forgiveness- Will My Auto Insurance Premium Go Up?
    Weird Insurance: Interesting Stories
    Vandalism: What to Do When it Happens to You
    Having a Car Accident in a Car That Isn't Yours!
    New Protections for Animals
    Jumpstarting a Car
    In the Doghouse
    A Danger for Dogs
    How Do Flood Map Changes Affect Flood Insurance Costs?
    Home Inventory – How to Organize
    Identity Theft – Tricks of the Trade
    2011: Natural Disasters and Homeowners Insurance
    Don't Get Hosed!
    National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorized by Congress
    Why Does My Insurance Company Not Fight My At-Fault?
    Independence Day: Celebration Safety Tips
    Summer Motorcycle Safety
    Hurricane Season 2012: Be Prepared
    How Much Should I Insure My House For?
    Loss: Tips on Prevention and Restoration
    Homeowners Insurance Claims Hints
    7 Tips for Proper Trailer Care
    Insurance Near the Massachusetts Coast
    What is a Flood Elevation Certificate?
    10 Least and Most Expensive Cars to Insure 2012
    Down to the Wire
    Happy Memorial Day from Andrew G. Gordon, Inc.
    Are You In the Zone? Flood Map Changes from NFIP
    Sharing the Road: Horse and Animal Safety
    Ship Ahoy!   Getting ready for boating season
    Renewal Reminders
    Liability Issues: Safety Around Your Home
    Brush Burning in Massachusetts
    The "Ordinance or Law Endorsement:" What Does It Do?
    Insurance for a Vacant Home (A Vacant Dwelling Policy)
    Give Me a "Brake:" A Teen Driver Story
    Spring Risks & Safety Tips
    Wire Warning: Prevent Pets from Biting Cords
    What is Distracted Driving?
    Dogs: How Much Do They Really Cost?
    Snowboarding Safety Tips
    Woodpeckers and Wooden Houses Do Not Mix!
    Skating Safety: 7 Tips
    Old Cars: Fix or Ditch?
    Medical Reports on Your Driving Record at RMV
    Insurance for Investment Properties – DP3 vs. HO3
    6 Sledding Safety Tips
    Congress Extends National Flood Insurance Program to Spring 2012
    7 Skiing Safety Tips
    Jingle Bells
    6 Steps to Prevent Others from Drinking and Driving
    Understanding Your Auto Insurance Policy
    Direct Writer VS Independent Insurance Agent
    Home Security: Are You Prepared?
    Property Damage for Auto Insurance: Should I Increase My Limit?
    Insurance for a Multi-Family: HO-3 vs. DP-3
    Four Possible New Driver Discounts
    Billing Installment Fees
    Accident Prevention: Defensive Driving Course
    School Bus Safety
    Protect Your Engine from Ethanol Damage
    Why Did My Insurance Coverage Increase When My Home Value Decreased?
    6 Steps to Deep Fry a Turkey
    The Difference Between a DUI and an OUI
    Burglary and Crime Prevention Tip
    7 Tips About Motorcycle Safety
    Adding Fuel to the Fire
    What is a Puffback?
    EFT: What Is It?
    Insurance in the Courtroom: Are You Covered?
    Pig A la Mode
    Fall Heater Maintenance
    Halloween! Spiders & Witches & Goblins, Oh My!
    Elderly Drivers: When to Hang Up the Keys
    Why Does Home Insurance Cost More in Coastal Towns?
    Auto Policy: Property Damage Coverage
    How to Prevent Squirrels from Damaging Your Home
    Auto Insurance: What To Do If Cancelled for Non-Payment
    Condominium Associaton's Master Policy and Structural Coverage
    Boating Season Coming to a Close
    Do I Need Insurance on My Condo?
    Car Accident Tips
    Funny Insurance Explanations
    Winter Weather Can Mean Frozen Pipes!
    Insurance 101 for Generation X
    Motorcycle Insurance: Differences in Coverage
    What to Do About an Insurance Renewal
    Rental Car Insurance and should I buy CDW?
    When the Cheapest Insurance Option Gets Expensive
    Insurance Options Near the Coast: Why So Limited?
    Steer Your Way to Teen Auto Insurance Discounts
    Insurance Binders for home closing made Easy
    Insure a Teenager: How to Add Your Teen to Your Insurance
    House Insurance: Fire Damage
    Should I Get Renter's Insurance?
    Winter Preparation for the Exterior of Your Home
    Winter Preparation: Interior of the Home
    Hurricane Recovery: Cleaning the Wake of Irene
    How Can Insurance Premiums on Two Different Homes Differ So Much?
    Should I have an Emergency Go Bag?
    Food Spoilage Claims Demystified: Rotten Stuff
    Hurricanes and Home Insurance Policy: What Irene Taught Us
    Mold Damage: Preventing Unwanted Property Damage
    Lessons from Hurricane Irene about Checklists and Preparation
    Risk Assessment and Hiking

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