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    How does a Homeowners Policy handle tree damage?

    Posted by Geoffrey Gordon

    Sun, Mar 04, 2018 @ 11:29 AM

    Tree damage to your house from big windstorms is absolutely covered under most homeowners policies.  We live in treed neighborhoods; big storms knock down big trees, and your homeowners policy covers having the tree removed, the damage to the house, and the consequential damage such as to your personal stuff (including damage from the rain that finds its way inside).  This can get complicated with needs for cranes or other specialized equipment, roofers, and finish contractors, so getting in line early for these services is always a good step.  

    Tree damage that does not hit a building is usually limited under a homeowners policy.   Policies that do include removal and clean-up typically provide $500 or $1,000 toward having trees removed and debris cleared away, subject to your deductible.  But this is an optional add-on coverage, not included automatically.  Contact us or the service center directly for your personal specifics.

    If a tree hits your home, take pictures and begin necessary repairs  Don't wait to start on anything that you can safely do yourself, or through qualified service providers.   Taking reasonable steps to prevent further damage is covered.   When a tree penetrates a roof, or otherwise breaches the roof or walls, the opening can let water into the house, causing additional damage.  Don't wait for an insurance adjuster to hire or to do these kinds of repairs (as long as you can do so safely).   

    If you don't have a landscape contractor in mind who can cut up and clear away the tree debris in your yard, visit our service providers page.  Be sure to keep in mind that the costs many of these providers charge goes up when there is a demand surge, such as the couple weeks immediately following a storm.  If you're paying out of your pocket, you can usually save a few dollars by waiting until after the initial demand surge is over. 

    To discuss your personal homeowners policy with an insurance professional at Gordon Atlantic Insurance, call us toll free at (800) 649-3252.  Prefer to type instead of talk?  Click below.



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