Auto Insurance Discounts (Most Commonly Asked About)


You'll find most of the auto insurance discounts available in Massachusetts available here!

AARP discounts through Plymouth Rock

We are an authorized agency for AARP products through Plymouth Rock (and Bunker Hill for home insurance too).

Account Discount (same company writes your home insurance)

This is one of the biggest discounts available (aside from a clean driving record), since it usually applies both to your auto insurance and to your home insurance. You double your discount when using the same company for auto and home.

One thing you know we'll always do is make sure you're getting the best overall fit between all your personal and business insurance. Finding the best fit often means looking at your home and auto insurance at the same time.

Annual Mileage

While remnants of the old 5000 miles and 7500 miles driven credit still linger, most companies have their own proprietary rating adjustments based on the miles you drive. Mileage is validated by annualizing miles between your vehicle inspections.

Always tell us if you drive any vehicle less than 8000 miles per year, so we can be sure you're getting this discount.

Group Discounts

In recent years insurers have been offering fewer group discounts, but some groups continue to offer companies great demographics. The most notable today are:

If you are a member of:
* AAA or similar motor club
* North & South Rivers Watershed Association

Be sure to let us know!

Anti-Theft Discount

Anti-Theft Discounts of up to 35% off of the premium paid for Part 9 (Comprehensive) are available for automobiles with various types of qualifying anti-theft devices.

15% is available for glass etching;
20% for most factory installed alarms such as a kill switch or other disabler;
an additional 15% for a vehicle recovery device such as a LoJack system.

The full LoJack package available from your dealer, for example, discounts Part 9 (comprehensive) a total of 35%, 20% for the alarm, and 15% for the recovery device. On more expensive vehicles, this discount can total hundreds of dollars per year.

Drivers Education (first three years as driver), and Advanced Driver Training

A big discount is available for the first 3 years after an inexperienced driver has completed an approved driver training course.

Additional discounts are available when a young driver has completed an Advanced Driver Training course. (Highly recommended - real world emergency situations encountered in real vehicles. Worth every cent, especially for the deductible you WON'T have to pay for the accident your teen driver AVOIDS).

Discounts for Students

Certain student drivers are eligible for additonal credits, so let us know if

* You have a student more than 100 miles away at college
* Your student driver maintains a "B" or better average grade

Passive Restraint Discount

A big discount off the cost for Personal Injury Protection (Uninsured Motorist, Medical Payments, Underinsured Motorist) is available if your automobile is equipped with an air bag or automatic seat belts.

Most often we'll get this from your vehicle's Vehicle ID number (VIN), so you won't have to remind us.

Multi-Cars Discount

A discount off of the premium paid for Collision & Limited Collision is available with most companies. Some offer additional discounts on other coverages as well.

Discounts vary, but it's always a good idea to have all your cars (and your home, usually) with the same company to take advantage of these credits.

Age 65 or Older Discount

A senior discount off of the premium for all coverages will be applied after all other discounts and rating factors, but drivers are still subject to the Safe Driver Insurance Plan or other experience metrics.

Public Transit

A public transit discount is still available if:

  • you provide us with evidence of purchase of 11 months of commuter passes from qualified transit systems, and
  • you do not drive your automobile to work or school more than 10 days per month.

MBTA passes qualify, as well as several others. Call us if you take public transportation and buy a regular (monthly, weekly, etc.) pass.

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